british accents

more like bri-ish accents, amirite??

but 4 real…

i want a british accent so bad. can you imagine saying the most stupid thing known to man, but being absolved of your sins from merely uttering three words?? it’s. chewsday. innit.

i swear that every british person i’ve met, which is like a grand total of at least five, oozes absolute sophistication. i too, would like a taste of this glory. oh, to walk into a room with my pinky poised up, soaking in the attention of my fellow chaps!!

one day i will move to the united kingdom and get a british accent of my own. you will be able to tell, because then this piece of writing will no longer be a hot mess. it will be a hot, posh mess.

wow. now that i think of it, bri-ish people get to spell and say the word favourite with utter confidence and eloquence!! now that’s what i’d call bloody amazing, luv.

update (04/04/21): i was just watching a video and some guy said blimey. in a conversation. very normally. that is the life i want to live!!

update (06/03/22): i have a confession to make. this is actually propaganda i was paid to create. there is no confirmed evidence that supports the existence of british people at this point in time. i apologize for the lack of transparency. ftc. please do not come for me.

this was first planted on monday, march 29th 2021.


the only thoughts residing in my big brain right now, pictured below. yeah, i know. revel in its beauty. you know you want to!!