specifically, exclamation marks!!

i love exclamation marks!! if you couldn’t tell already!! it’s like i need to maintain a certain quota in order to continue existing as a person.. or something!!

but one exclamation mark is not enough!! no, no. look at this! look at how disingenuous that looks!! awful. absolutely horrid. now, two… that’s the perfect medium!!1

overusing punctuation makes me happy. seeing that extra lil exclamation mark cheering on their friend!! true bliss. the only exception: periods. periods deserve to be alone. question marks deserve a pal or two. but periods?? no. otherwise.. yikes.

but shen!! if you love exclamation marks so much, why don’t you marry them??

oh, believe me. i would if i could.

where am i going with this?? i guess my point is if you ever get an email from me and start wondering if i’m on crack, maybe consider that i’m really passionate about exclamation marks!! thanks for your consideration!!!

p.s. more exclamation marks = better!! sorry, i don’t make the rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


this was first planted on monday, march 29th 2021.

  1. yes, i realize that i’ve gone against these very principles in the past. for that, i am truly sorry!! 


the only thoughts residing in my big brain right now, pictured below. yeah, i know. revel in its beauty. you know you want to!!