gif of shen going up on this ferris wheel thing

hey!! shen here.

i don’t know how you got here, but i sure am glad you are.

(unless you know me in real life. if that’s the case, i politely request that you forget ever encountering this website and never ever mentioning to me- lest you would like to carry the responsiblity of giving a perfectly healthy girl a heart attack. thank you for your consideration!!)

recently, i’ve been trying to rediscover the wonder and curiosity i held as a child. i’ve been a melodramatic, skeptical sixteen year old for way too long and i want to actually start learning for the sake of learning!!

after some internet sleuthing (and a little bit of serendipity at work), i discovered the whole concept of digital gardens! this website is my attempt to document and connect my learnings and thoughts. we’ll see how it goes!!

oh!! before i forget! this digital garden is from a lovely template made by maxime vaillancourt - you should definitely check it out if you’re interested in building your own!!

last updated: 03.16.21* ✫・゜