digital gardens


i’ve been putting off writing this for a while now, but then i realized that the point of this whole thing is essentially to have a ever-evolving chasm of spewed ideas and thoughts. hopefully this less than adequate description will somewhat preface the absolute hell hole of writing you’re about to encounter!!

i initially came across the concept of digital gardens around the end of 2020, and fell in love with it soon after. i’d like to think that i’m always changing (for the better) as a person, and that therefore my thought processes and such also change over time. having something to capture the evolution of my ideas and being able to connect them over time REALLY appealed to me, to say the least!!

at this point, it feels like i’m constantly being distracted by who even knows what. my attention span is, for lack of a better term, deteriorating. i hope to make my digital garden, if not an antidote to my overindulgence in stream-esque sites, a sort of medium to help me at least balance things out.

so, yay, networked thought!! goodbye to random tidbits of information and random chunky thoughts residing in my brain. from here on out, i’m just going to document everything i know, think, dream… this is a digital garden, and i should really start treating it as such!! we’ll see how that goes :’)


the only thoughts residing in my big brain right now, pictured below. yeah, i know. revel in its beauty. you know you want to!!