i am online

dude. the worldwide web is a trove of undiscovered treasures!! i can’t imagine how different my life would be without the internet. before you say that this is sad, i am sad, and book good phone bad… i value both my time online and offline equally!! that is why there is an offline section below. so, please!! cut me some slack.

anyways, i’ve been thinking about how i use the internet and thought to myself (yes, i’m very introspective and deep yes s(he) be(lie)ve(d)).. what better way is there to reflect on my online habits than to compile a list of the very tools i use and admire?? no, not really, i just thought this would be fun. plus, this is a digital garden SO it makes sense because i can update and revise whenever my heart desires!! enough said… here it is!!

productivity i guess

i’ve been using this since like 2018, probably… it has been an on-and-off relationship, but i always come back to it eventually!! it’s really great for time blocking and to stay on top of tasks/projects. they have tons of cool integrations, too!! it has truly saved my life on multiple occasions because i have the SHORTEST [[ attention ]] span sometimes but with this, i can plan my way out of ruts and feel a lil more accomplished <3

speaking of attention spans… the pomodoro technique has come in handy a hella lot for me, especially of late!! this is such a great website because you can actually see what tasks you need to work on, they have a really cool feature where you can see reports of your activity AND it’s really pretty :’)

exploring da web yessir

god, i really need to get back to using more often!! it’s so great… i’ve got to discover and learn about so many incredible topics and gotten into these DEEP rabbitholes about the coolest things!! my favourite place to peruse when i’m feeling lazy and/or inspired!! ALSO the interface is really pretty hehehe

this is GREAT for when i want to read online, but more actively?? i feel very productive and can review highlights of certain passages and sort things i want to read… just amazing!! it is currently taking over my new tab page and makes me feel like an intellectual when i need to get a little thinking on!!

yes, i DO read!! in spite of how dumb the things i say might be, the things i read aren’t always too stupid. AND they actually sometimes teach me things!! i use this to track what i read and to see what others are into!! it motivates me to read more (IT’S JUST SO PRETTY HAHA) and the team behind it is SO nice!!

braindumping and all that jazz

so… this is a pretty underground product… i’m pretty sure NO ONE has ever heard of it before?!? but yeah, i love it a lot. get to organize my life even more, have all these fun random pages, and it actually works very well with the way i structure certain things (like when i was testing out the GTD methodology!!) i could technically host a digital garden there, too, because they let you see your backlinks now… but i think i’ll stick with this for now!!

i’m pretty sure the same person that was behind glitch made this?? also hella nice vibes, but i digress!! this is absolutely amazing for brainstorming. they keep on coming out with nice new features and it’s just WONDERFUL for non-linear/visual thinking. SO CUTE, too!!

block block block

ublock origin

combined with brave browser… i LOVE!! the number of things it’s blocked since i installed it… 3.1M?!??! HELLO?!!??!! INSANE.

ugly email

yeah, also a bit more blocking block stuff. email trackers… i’m pretty sure i’ve used them before (back when i still wholeheartedly used linkedin oh my god i want to die) and just.. no. this extension lets me see who’s being cheeky with me and i get to not give people the pleasure of knowing that i’ve opened their email 7 times before replying!! nice nice nice >:)

idk just other nice cool things

linkedin is an absolute hellhole… honestly, need i say more? this is basically the antidote to a platform that offers their users the AMAZING opportunity to receive tons of fun automated messages and to see insightful thought leader posts

spaced out like


to really make your feed


much better!!

i don’t really know how to explain it.. is just a much more meaningful, intimate (for lack of a better term) way to display your resume!! PLUS the interface is gorgeous AND the team is SO nice and swaggy AND they actually listen to feedback for new features!! i am so ready for it to take over linkedin and you should use it, too!! get a hot username or whatever ;’)


i got into colemak and have been trying to get back to a higher typing speed, so this is a great way for me to test my skills and aim for faster fingers!! i love the clicky sounds and how many themes they have. plus, i can pretend to be productive and not have to think a single thing!!

such a great resource to use to have some fun with web dev experiments!! the logo is AMAZING (unrelated but fax) and there’s just good vibes all around. at some point it motivated me to code everyday?!?! i should get back on that oops

SO FUN!!!!!!! making a hot sexy website has never been this easy (or fun!!!!!) did i mention that it’s FUN?!!!?!?! so many cool features that are EVER-EXPANDING, the guy behind it is SO nice, and it just gives off such great vibes!!!!!!!! i truly am rejoicing and being glad!!!!!!!!!!!


it looks pretty old, which is kinda cute honestly.. and it works like a charm!! their transparency tool is a GODSEND. also, they have these really fun animation features where you can make a rotating cube gif out of any image!! love it lots and highly recommend for your basic photo editing needs!!

video speed controller

i have a need for speed, but only online apparently!! love watching youtube or netflix on 6x speed, and this is an absolutely legendary answer to my heathen problems!! i have also become a master at speed reading captions and deciphering words strung together that literally sound like frequencies (y’know, cuz of the speed??)

text to speech tool thing

i really can’t focus sometimes and couldn’t be bothered to read about how frogs hibernate or whatever, so i use this bad boy to read me the content OUT LOUD instead!! i usually put on lucy cuz she has a posh british accent and i can pretend the queen is reading me my english assignment <3

ok kinda fitting that this is the last one on the online list but n e ways!! dude… at some point i had like 10 hours per day for screen time on my phone… which is not that great. BUT turns out some CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT happened and now i usually spend < 30 min on my phone everyday!!!!! and this app really helped me get there. i have no choice but to disconnect!!

ok i kinda lied

i honestly don’t know what to put for tools offline?? i don’t know what was running through my head earlier?? i mean, everything i use should be pretty obvious like??

oh wait actually this can be like a what’s on my desk OK OK OK


  1. pen - either zebra sarasa 0.7mm black retractable gel pen or muji’s clicky 0.7mm ones!! SORRY but gel > actual ballpoint all the way, you can literally tell the difference in my writing… also i’m kinda projecting my eighth grade studygram persona because I ACTUALLY STARTED A STUDYGRAM ACCOUNT i want to die………………

  2. pencil - haven’t used one in a long time, jeez!! i like mechanical ones though.. my friend got me one from japan with gudetama (i found it online!!) and i cherish it so much!! also have one from this cute little store near me that coincidentally ALSO ships things in from japan and it looks like a real pencil, but is also mechanical!! the store was so intimidating but SO nice oh god

  3. eraser - anything from japan is good, to be honest… i’m starting to sound a little obsessed, but i swear their erasers hit different!! i stole an eraser from kumon when i was 6 or 7 cuz it was just THAT good and i immediately felt so bad and tried to return it the next time i went. anyways, i currently have these soda ones from daiso (kinda like this, they’re just like chunky mono erasers, both are SO good) and have also settled for this lame one from pentel which i guess does the job ok..

  4. notebook(s) - i just have way too many notebooks, i don’t even want to get into them. many are from chapters (with all the inspirational quotes and everything) and daiso (dotted grid with the brown soft cover, yes!!), but i’ve got some random ones here and there. like to use them to journal and get my thoughts down without using da web :’)

  5. i use more stuff but this is taking too long - oh yeah, before i go!! i use lots of highlighters, too!! they keep on running out because i’m a highlighting fiend, but i like the yellow ones for annotating books and multicoloured ones from daiso just for funzies!!

this was first planted on wednesday, may 12th 2021.


the only thoughts residing in my big brain right now, pictured below. yeah, i know. revel in its beauty. you know you want to!!