i am officially a colemak user!!

so i was reading josh kauffman’s the first 20 hours1 and there’s this WHOLE section dedicated to colemak. it seemed interesting enough, so i was like, why not??

and thus began my journey!!

but first… what is colemak??

god, this is sounding like a boredpanda2 article.

anyways, colemak is essentially the coolest, hippest keyboard format to use in these swiggidy swaggady times!! to be honest, i didn’t do that much research on the layout before i switched to it, but it seems to have all worked out in the end.

n e ways, colemak (unlike qwerty) was actually designed VERY recently. and designed to be GOOD for typing. here’s a hot pic of it i found on colemak’s official website:

colemak keyboard layout

yeah, i’ll give you a second to take in all its glory. now, imagine typing and not having to move your hands all over the place. and not having wrist strain. well, guess what?? that’s my reality. yep.

but YEAH going from qwerty to colemak was pretty hard because #musclememory or whatever!! yay unlearning and relearning!! i eventually figured it out, though (obviously!!)

if you’re curious about the tools i used, i tried out keyzen colemak, went to keybr a bit after gaining some basic familarity with the format, but mainly used monkeytype. yeehaw!! can’t wait to get better and be a literal speed demon!!


this was first planted on sunday, april 4th 2021.

  1. you can find out more about the first 20 hours here. it was a pretty good read overall and had some cool principles for acquiring a skill and knowledge more efficiently!! i DO highly suggest skipping the middle parts if you’re not interested in learning about specific skills like windsurfing and playing the ukelele. (i did read them and they were relatively fascinating, though!!) also, don’t worry, this isn’t some ill-disguised affiliate link!! 

  2. i spent the entirety of second grade scouring this awful hellhole. experienced my fake first virus popup and almost cried. 


the only thoughts residing in my big brain right now, pictured below. yeah, i know. revel in its beauty. you know you want to!!