favourite days

my favourite day is probably thursday.

today is monday, which is ALSO KNOWN AS the worst day of the week to basically EVERYONE that i know. anyways! i was thinking about what my favourite day is, and after much deliberation, i’ve got to say that thursday is the winner.

thursdays are sick!

maybe i’m just trying to be an edgy little contrarian, but hear me out. i’ll even set the scene for you!

let’s say you’ve had the absolute busiest week as a melodramatic high school student and you’re BARELY surviving. but, alas! thursday rolls around. you realize that it’s almost the weekend and that if you can pull through today, you can get through anything!

the scene changes.

suddenly you’re on stage. guess what? you’re in a musical and you’re actually singing about how life is pretty gosh darn good. just kidding, i just realized how unironically cheesy that “you can get through anything” line sounded and had to stop that awful train of thought. BUT i hope you get the point. thursdays are somewhat of a reality check for me. i get to take a breath, look back at what i’ve done, and look forward to the not-so-distant future in which i get to sleep in for just a little bit longer.

so, what about fridays?

yeah, that’s true. what about fridays? well, fridays are the new saturday 1 (whatever that means.) buuuuuuuuuuuuut here’s the thing: fridays, for me at least, are way overhyped.

down with the hype!

keep in mind- i’m currently writing this bit in the midst of a pandemic, so please assume that i don’t always stay home and do nothing on fridays! and even if that was the case (which it is definitely not), i still think fridays are hyped to an unhealthy extent.

basically, i have a tendency of setting unrealistic expectations for myself. wow, is this a therapy session? but in all seriousness, what usually what ends up happening is that fridays end up being that day in the not so distant future that i say i’m going to do all these great things on. so when friday ends up being the golden child that i seek to live vicariously through, i usually set myself up for a whole lotta disappointment.

thursdays, on the other hand…

yes, back to thursdays! to continue my incoherent train of thought, thursdays are chock-full of naive opportunity- just how i like it. i haven’t hit my weekly slump yet, i feel great, and can continue thinking about the things i’m definitely going to do on friday.

is this unhealthy thinking?

yeah, most definitely. i’m not even going to deny it. but it’s what it’s come down to in this fun ol’ world filled with deadlines and way-too-long school days. i’m incredibly privileged to have an education like this, and it’s awfully dumb of me to hate school the way i do, but i think it just boils down to my dumb wistful thinking.

essentially, i think that if i had more free time, i’d be able to do so many more big things. BUT the thing is, do i actually know if i’d do bigger, better things? i’ll never know! i’d like to assume so, but the only way i’d be able to find out would be to, like, drop out of school or something equivalent to that? and that’s not something i’m trying to do right now- i’ve already gotten through so many years of this, and i’d rather not give up in my final years.

trying to do my mondays justice.

going back to the whole “everyone hates mondays” trope, it’s rather sad to think that i’m going to spend the majority of my life barely living and just looking forward to the weekends.

BUT if i were to look at all the mondays in my life, maybe on average they could actually be WAY better than my average tuesdays (or even fridays!) what am i trying to say at this point? i don’t know. maybe i’m trying to say that mondays aren’t all that bad, and the concept of a monday is actually worse than the day itself?

in conclusion

maybe everyday is good and i should just judge the quality of my days AFTER the days are actually over. i don’t want to be sad and old and thinking about how i wasted my life away thinking about how bad mondays are. we’ll see how that goes!


this was first planted on monday, march 29th 2021.

  1. yeah, according to this website that i definitely assessed the reliability of, fridays are the new sundays. who would’ve thunk! 


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