i <3 thursdays!

ok. my favourite day is thursday 1 and i stand by that. 2

you want the deets? follow me.

back to basics

obviously, thursdays are situated between wednesday and friday. a spot well deserved for the absolute legend of all days. the day after hump day and before the weekend starts. by the way, the weekend essentially starts on friday. i will not take no as an answer. 3

so why are thursdays so rad?

the name!!!!!!!

according to wikipedia, the name comes from NORSE MYTHOLOGY?!?!?! how sick is that???? yeah, the norse god of thunder’s name is thor. like the guy in greek mythology, i believe (from my extensive history reading the percy jackson series, i love you rick riordan!) there’s more info on this on wikipedia but i don’t think i should paraphrase too much because i’m not that great at it. so, if you’re interested, check it out straight from the source - there’s also a ton of cool information about other origins of the day’s name in other languages and all that jazz!!

they are completely and utterly underrated!!

if i’m trying to be quirky here, thursdays are like the indie music version of fridays. they’re kinda mainstream, but people pretend to like it because they’re so underground. then you have some gatekeepers that are like, oh, so you like thursdays? name five important thursdays, then. hah, just kidding. i think i just like thursdays so much because nobody i know reallllly likes them and at the end of the day, i just want to feel like a true individual™ and a unique human being™ and this is my dumb way of coping. either way, i’ve convinced myself that i like thursdays.

this is not a legimate list, if you couldn’t tell by now.

i just like thursdays. sorry, what i can say! whether this is supported by hard science and fun data is up for debate. no, it’s not. but i like thursdays. thanks. 4


this was first planted on monday, march 29th 2021.

  1. i wrote this before my favourite day thing, please don’t sue me for being hypocritical. i still am trying not to die old and sad, thanks for asking. 

  2. i don’t. take all of this with a grain of salt. 

  3. i will take no as an answer. 

  4. no thanks. 


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