wikipedia is the best. my absolute favourite.

everyone’s had that teacher who absolutely stresses the fact that you aren’t allowed to use wikipedia as a source for your assignments. for the longest time, i literally avoided wikipedia like the plague. i guess my rationale was that even viewing a mere page on the website would make all my thinking fake and bad. 1

but like WOW is wikipedia cool. rabbit hole central and quite possibly the best website of all time. i mean, they even have a whole page dedicated to totally tubular articles!! want to learn about supernumerary nipples or the buttered cat paradox?? wikipedia’s your pal.

i don’t care if the information is unreliable!! which, by the way, isn’t all information unreliable at this point?? we’re already taught to not take anything we read at face value, but ok.

in conclusion… don’t shame students for using wikipedia. we know what we’re doing and the majority of us use sources from wikipedia if you don’t let us use it anyways. maybe YOU’RE the problem. ever thought of that??


this was first planted on monday, march 29th 2021.

  1. actually, on second thought, it might’ve. n e ways… 


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